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Brooklyn's very own Yadiel Hidalgo, whose online alias is Sleepytime, is a full-time professional Esports athlete, competitor, streamer, and entrepreneur. He is an experienced veteran for Microsoft’s Gears of War, building a 10+ year career in gaming by traveling across the world to compete in vast gaming events. Now, Sleepytime is venturing out the Esports norm by creating streetwear-inspired merchandise.


Shleep, is a character that embodies what it means to feel slumped. His lifestyle of constant late-night grinding has him feeling drowsy, leading him to have a persona that revolves around always sleeping and dreaming. Like many of us, Shleep is how we feel going forward with our daily lives.


Sleepytime's brand is a way for him to connect with his supporters, friends, and family that have been following his gaming career.  Extending his brand, Sleepytime decided to branch out of the Esports norm of streaming and competing to bring high-quality gaming merchandise, blurring the lines between gaming and streetwear.


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